week thirteen

last full week before my thesis install begins! i got my show cards printed and all of my work has officially been bisqued! yayy

i picked up my tube to make my pedestal. here is a funny picture i took with it while in menards haha

my dad made a 20″ top for it out of mdf that fits down into it. he also put a bottom on and made a 20″ piece for the bottom as well, in case it needs it for stability. oddly enough, i don’t think it really adds to the strength of it at all…

my only concern with it is that my piece slides around a bit.. i’m sure that will change some once there is paint on it.. but when it is bumped hard.. the piece doesn’t threaten to all topple, it just slides around.

i’m working on getting it painted up now. when i first started adding the paint to the tube itself, the surface of it got really ripply from the cardboard getting saturated, it was kinda scary, but over night it flattened out nicely!

i’m now trying to decide if i want to place moss around the base of the piece.. i’m not really sure yet. i;m afraid that the tall pedestal piece will look too out of place, since it is the only one on a tall pedestal, the pedestal is also round, so i think if i also place

here’s what my first ring looks like pre-cone 10! it has an oxide stain on it that consists of red iron oxide, copper oxide, and chromium oxide. of course the red iron oxide overpowers most everything else so it should turn out a nice variegated warm brown. also the mossy bits have wax over them, which is green, so it really amplifies the green, we will see how that turns out! they are in their cone 10 firing right now, the last firing for my thesis show!!

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