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artist statement

I create ceramic sculptures that capture the moment in time when life is neither fully developed nor incomplete. Through my nature-inspired forms, I expose viewers to the fantasy, mysticism, and surreality of nature, instilling a desire within the viewer to understand their humanity and position in the world more thoroughly. Drawing parallels between landscapes and the fibrous network of reality, I am able to tie my own imagination to the act of spending time outdoors, one that my inherent sense of curiosity is fulfilled by. 

My sculptures craft direct connections between raw, abstracted, unfinished forms and the natural world that we know, combining these ideas to create a harmonious relationship between the two. I am drawn to working with clay because of its tactile nature, and assuming the role of creating something out of nothing allows for unending experiences of imagining my own landscapes. Because of this, I am able to utilize ceramics as a medium to communicate with a different form of language, sculpting unrealised worlds that can only truly coexist in my own imagination. While natural, unclaimed spaces are teeming with life, and in a continual phase of development, growth, and creation, they are also in a constant state of decay, regression, and deformation. My work stands to highlight the process and differences found when translating the impermanence of natural life from these complete subjects, into incomplete, amorphous forms.

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