week twelve

a couple days ago one of my sculptures broke 😦 i think it will be okay.. it is a fairly clean break, so i don’t think it’ll be too big of a deal to use some pc11 to clue it back together after its finished firing and everything, then paint over that with acrylic i guess.. we will see. i think it broke along the spot where i had cut is and stuck it back together but i don’t even totally remember where that had happened. here are some picture of the evolution of the crack 😦 what a sad sad series of images rip.

earlier this week i had a progress critique in ceramics and it went so well!!! we decided to switch up how i will be hanging my sculptures, and i’m much more confident in this new method!

yesterday i also started adding resin to my big boy! i was very nervous about getting started.. hence why i waited so long.. but mixing sand in with the resin is adding a really interesting texture and surface to the piece.

i’m super duper nervous about adding color to the top of the piece.. i think i’ve gotten so used to seeing the sculpture all one color.. gray-ish then white then a dull yellow color.. that it is hard for me to even imagine what it will be like once there is color on it without thinking it will look too bold.

during my progress crit we also discussed my plans for coloration for that sculpture.. i was originally planning on having the bottom be super bright, purples, greens, blues, and then the top being ocean-ey. but i got some feedback that if the base is bright as well as the top, the form might just get lost. so i decided to stick with the sandy theme and then add bits of color in here and there. i’m just still afraid that it’s gonna look stupid… idk

i’ve also decided that i would like to have a round pedestal for my thesis show, so i suppose i will have to make one myself. i think my best bet will to buy a concrete forming tube. they’re made of cardboard, but are actually fairly sturdy. the only problem is that i can’t seem to find one that is big enough for my sculpture. my dad suggested that i go ahead and get one that is *almost* big enough, and put a top on it that’ll make it big enough. i’m just not so sure if i am into the look of having a big top on it.. but i suppose if that is the best i’ll be able to do, then so be it.

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