week fourteen

install for my thesis show is complete! i finished up last night, and then did lighting this morning. the installation review from the faculty went really well, the only comments about my stuff was regarding the lighting.. but Deb helped me out a lot and i think it looks really good now!

i got the pedestal all finished up before the show, of course. boy was that a pain. as soon as i started adding paint to it, the surface of it got super rippled, from the moisture.. so i put a ton of spackle on it, to help with that, but also to smooth out the surface since there was a spiral ridge over the whole thing. even still when i started to put paint on top of that, it still got bumpy, but it smoothed out for the most part once it was dry.

last tuesday when i got my pieces out of the ^10 kiln, they definitely weren’t what i was expecting. the red piece came out super uneven, too much variation of reds and browns. i think the problem was when i was mixing the paints, i had remixed before moving on to the second half of that ring, so one half had more red mixed in, but the other was brown. it was the same piece that had broken in half, so since i was already gonna be using acrylic paint to cover the glue seam, i could also alter the coloration on the rest of it as well. i mixed up a nice warm brown wash to put over both rings around the joint area, and fading it out. it turned out really nice! i like the piece a lot more now.

installing the rings went so great, i’m still really surprised. of course the pieces are heavy, so it was hard to support them and hold them up while the wiring stuff was being done up in the ceiling, but it wasn’t too bad, i suppose. they seem really sturdy, and i know the hanging equipment used is strong enough to support it.. so i suppose i trust it.

the twine/jute cord that i was originally gonna use ended up being too thick for this application.. so i decided to use macrame cord and color it with the same brown acrylic that i was using on the piece itself. at first i wasn’t super happy with it, i think i just don’t love the look of having the string on it at all, but i like it enough to live with it.

i used uv resin on the rings, so when i started adding the resin to one of the pieces, i placed the light on it, and then i guess it started swinging (since it was one of the hanging pieces) so as it cured, it got this really interesting ripple wave kinda look in it, but it looks so cool. i wish i would have thought to do that intentionally haha

the layout for my show as a whole changed a lot from where i originally planned on placing everything. but i really like the placement of my work now! the flow of it just didn’t quite feel right, so i’m glad we decided to move my pieces around.

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