last bfa blog everr (week fifteen)

this is my last blog.. brian i’m not crying, you are đŸ™‚

umm yeah. not too much to say currently. my thesis show reception went so well! so many people came and wanted to chat with me. i tried to talk to everyone but you know how it goes.

i am anxious about having to move out of my studio and stop taking ceramics classes. i know i will be doing student teaching stuff in high school and elementary classrooms over the next year and i can use some of their stuff to a certain extent.. so that is better than nothing i suppose. i was thinking about taking an independent study this fall but i just don’t know if i can afford it/want to spend the money to do that. we will see how i am feeling at the end of the summer.

i will start organizing my studio by the end of finals week hopefully. and i actually still have a couple of pieces that i never glaze fired. so i think i am going to stain them, and then put them to be fired, so hopefully someone will fire them over the summer or next fall.


as for moving forward with my art making.. i am excited to start pursuing mediums other than ceramics! i have always really loved printmaking and painting, so i am hoping to get back into that now that i have time!

as far as ceramics, i am not sure. i am going to continue looking into options for an outdoor art installation of my thesis work somewhere, or maybe install them somewhere on my own property.

i plan to continue making hanging sculptures hopefully. i got good feedback regarding making hanging work that interacts with a piece placed below it, so i’d like to try that. i also got comments about considering what is placed behind and just in relation to the hanging rings. the theoretical concept side behind the pieces involves the viewer being placed into a forced juxtaposition with the pieces, so they have to look through the rings to what lay beyond. so, with an intentional placement of a background/mural type thing or sculptures, the viewer will look through to something that i planned out, rather than a blank wall.

here are pictures of my final installation of my thesis work!

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