week eight

this week i got my piece bisque fired! first i put it in lil eddie for around 32 hours, just candling, to dry it out. it worked pretty well! it did develop a few surface cracks, but i think all will be well. i filled in some of the cracks as i usually do, but i’m sure that some of them will reappear of course. I also just got my maquette out of the cone 10 firing, and it looks pretty good! as expected, the underglazed portions came out looking very dull, but the oxide washed portions came out looking great!

i think i’m gonna put it in dr. faucci and do a cone 6 firing on it as well. i’d like to try out that blue/green glaze i have. the one that’s just a clear with mason stains added into it. i’m gonna try really hard to get it to flow over the edge and make some drips but we will see what happens.

i also think i am going to try out waxing the piece, or at least the base of it. i’m excited! i tried out my wax on a test tile and i am really interested in the texture that it gives it!

i will also still be putting resin on the piece, which i am exceptionally excited about!

week seven

this week i finished my sculpture! i’m so so pumped about it! i have been working on drying it out, i know it is gonna be a bit so i’m thinking about putting it in one of the gas kilns for a while to help dry it out, so i’ll probably do that during class on tuesday.

i also finished up my triaxial oxide blend and i think i found some that i like! unfortunately the chrome didn’t really come through on any of the tiles, so unfortunately i don’t think there will be much of any green included in the base. but that is okay because there will be plenty of green included in the top bits of the sculpture!

today i am going to glaze my maquette and put it to be fired. i am planning to use some underglazes along the top and a mixture of three different oxide stains on the base!

i don’t have any pictures but i did take a video so i guess i will take some stills from that and will include that here.

the sculpture wasn’t 100% done then, i did add on leaves to the one naked tree and refine up a few more places.

week six

this week i got really close to finishing up my sculpture! when i get stuck on what direction to go with a particular portion of a piece, i like to take pictures of it and then draw on those pictures, it really helps me to figure out where i want to place certain additional elements. i was definitely struggling with feeling like parts of the piece were still looking blank, but i think i worked through that! i added in several more trees and some sculptural rocky/mossy elements that flow onto the sides and now i’m really vibin with it : )

i also decided that i would do a triaxial blend to figure out which oxide washes i wanted to use on the base of the piece! it did take me a bit to figure out which oxides i wanted to test, but i decided on copper, red iron, and chrome! it also took me a while to plan that out and figure out how to do it, because i’ve never done one before! but i finished that up today! i got my tiles all washed and ready to fire so i should have them back in a few days.

week five

i’m not gonna lie, i’ve been slacking a bit this week. well, i guess i’ve been focussing more on planning my surface finishes and making test tiles and such, so i feel like i’ve been slacking because i don’t have much of anything to show for it.

so heres a picture of my favorite new development on my sculpture, and pictures of my maquette.

i’m planning to do a triaxial blend to test out three different oxide washes. brown, black, and green. while i am thinking about picking out one of these colors to use on the piece, i am also drawn to the idea of using multiple all on the same pice, to give it more of mottled look. possible applying one of them over the piece and sponging on the others? just a thought.

next i need to get my test tiles bisque fired, and keep working on my sculpture. i’d like to sculpt a bunch more trees! and work on the rocky bits, and refine them.

week four

this week i worked on my sculpture more! over the weekend i finished hollowing it out and reassembling the pieces. i did have to cut it into 7 or 8 pieces, so reassembling it got pretty complicated, especially because of course, everything dried a bit while it was separated, so nothing fit together perfectly at that point. on friday i also started adding on the sculptural elements to the top part. it is going really well! i do have a quite a bit more i want to do to it, though. just a bit of sculpting, mostly refining stuff.

i have my progress crit on tuesday to prep me for my BFA crit in about 5 weeks. i’m a wee bit nervous, but for only having just finished week four of classes, i think i’m in a pretty good place!

here are the current pictures of my piece, i know the top bits seem a bit confusing, but i’m hoping they’ll start to make more sense once i get more added onto it. the next thing i’m wanting to do is sculpt some trees, and refine the rock formations more.

as for this week…i do have one maquette made, but i would like to make 1 or two more so i can test out a few different glazes and/or resin combos. i need to work on test tiles as soon as i get to a more comfortable place with my sculpture. i also would like to finish getting the sculptural bits fleshed out, not totally refined or anything, but built up for the most part.

my plan for next week is to get some loose, rough sketching for my next sculpture done. this feels quite early in the semester to already be planning my second piece.. but it will take me a bit to work on my glaze testing.. so maybe i should focus on that for a bit.. i dunno.

week three

this week i’ve been movin and groovin on my project! things are going a bit slower than i had anticipated. hollowing it out is taking a while because i have to be a lot more careful so as to not puncture through the carved holes, so that is going slower than it typically would.


i did have a studio visit today with my senior seminar class and it went pretty well! i was able to get a bit of feedback on that so i’m pumped!

i did work out some more of my ideas regarding the morphing bit, where the nature-y-looking stuff meets with the holey stuff. i would like it to look unrefined here, maybe have to rough shapes of mossy stringy bits or speckley hills or lumps that could potentially be trees, then kinda blending into the more refined and realistic parts.

so here are the pictures of my project in its current state. i am currently working on finishing up the carved holes and also hollowing parts out before they get too dry. i of course am having issues with keeping the moisture level where i would like it to be. but, of course the sculpture weighs quite a bit, so it is unrealistic for me to use a wetbox or anything like that at the moment. so i am just trying to give it a steady dosage of spritzing water and wet paper towels throughout the day.

game plan for this week is to finish the holes, carving it out, and get some rough clay sketching done on top of the piece! (by this week i mean by the end of next monday) wish me luck!

by the end of next week i would like to have a small maquette made that i can test out some surfacing. i would also like to have some textured test tiles made for glaze/ surface treatment testing. these will include: -a thick tile with holey carving done on it -a mossy/grassy surface texture -big concave part tile for glaze/resin water tests

week two

this week i began work on my (new) first project of the semester! i am actually even more excited and confident in this one than the last. i’ve had a lot of time to think about my ideas surrounding existence and creation and the fabric of reality. taking those ideas into consideration, i decided to venture down a path that will hopefully be much better for my interests and skillset. i’m now working on a piece that combines abstraction with naturalistic elements, using the abstraction of reality to highlight the idea of the world constantly changing, and the fact that it is never really finished or complete .

so here are some photos of how my sculpture is going. just as a recap the plan is to sculpt some nature-y looking stuff all along the top, and have it seem as if that bit is merging into the more undeveloped portion. the only part that i’m really worried about is that the sculpture will look unfinished.. soo idk. i’m also a little worried about the stability of the piece.. but i guess i’ll just kinda have to wing it as i go. it is currently about 18 inches tall? roughly. i am hoping to make it just a bit wider possibly. and of course it will gain lots of height when i start doing that sculpted part.

since my last blog kinda fell short on the whole semester plan thing, i will be addressing that here.

by mid october (12/14th) -one sculpture finished up to bisqueware and a second sculpture started -underglaze and glaze test tiles completed (on tiles that mimic my actual sculpture surface textures

by the end of october -i would like to have my thesis idea figured out not fully fleshed out but at least the overall theme picked out and begin going through typed out super rough drafts, work on compiling into something semi-cohesive -mixed media tests completed (ex. resin)

by mid november (16th/18th) -i would like to have the first piece entirely glazed and fired -second piece hopefully near completion or at least 3/4 completed

by the end of november/ first of december -the first piece will have any additional mixed-media elements added in -second piece bisqued and have it glazed hopefully also fired by critique time

week one

i believe i am beginning to come out of my existential crisis that has been plaguing me for the past few months but, but of course i’m still anxious and stressed at all times.

this semester i have a few things planned out that i would like to work on, but of course nothing is ever truly set in stone so we will see what happens

for one,, as kind of an overall goal, i would really like to work on my portfolio. i really need to get better at shooting pictures of my work cohesively. when i photograph my work individually at separate times, they result in having rather mismatched white balance. i know this is because i tend to edit each photo to tailor it to the exposure and contrast needed for each piece, to make the colors on screens best reflect the color in real life. i’m not particularly sure how to go about photographing work without doing this, but i sure would like to learn.

in conjunction with my senior seminar class and my web design class, i would like to work a lot more on my website. it is my understanding that we will be building our own website from scratch, then it will be up to us to make it public if we want. i’m really excited about this, and i’m hoping to build a fairly decent personal website. i am wanting to teach after college, so i know that having a website isn’t super necessary.. but i like the idea of continuing to make my own work and maybe even applying to shows! so it’d be nice to have an established website to promote myself and my work.

as for the work i’d like to make,,,

i plan on producing 3-5 sculptures this semester. all nature-based. the current one I am working on is sort of akin to a miniatures figurine (? i hope that makes sense haha) for the next one i’m thinking about scaling up quite a bit. so the one right now is maybe 12? inches tall? i generally like to go with larger-scale works, but sometimes shy away due to the logistics of things like firing, moving, and storage. but i’d really like to reach more towards 20-30 inches tall? but that also depends on how this current one goes.

i would also like to work on incorporating some other mediums into my work. i do like to use as much clay as possible, but i would like to add in some resin in places.. to mimic water. there are things you can do with resin that clays and glazes just aren’t capable of, like a thick but translucent mass to resemble a body of water, or drips along the edge of things.

my first step is definitely to finish a quick little test piece or two so i can start playing around with resin in this sort of context.

week ten

this week i had a really cool studio visit with Melissa Stern, an artist from new york. i think it went really well. she did say some things that were a wee bit confusing, but i think i’ve been able to discern what she really meant. mainly just a discussion about how she didn’t think that my work was successful in terms of fulfilling the conceptual part of it. but i honestly don’t think i really agree with that. i know that the concept doesn’t necessarily come across in the work, but i don’t think that alone makes it unsuccessful. we talked a lot about finishing the surface of my sculptures, different ways to create different surfaces, especially fleshy textures and semi glossy surfaces, to take the place of glaze. i’m really excited to try some of these out! i’ve been thinking recently about not using glazes on some of my larger, more figural sculptures, but i haven’t really known where to start, or what materials i could use to make the works look “finished” despite there not being a glass surface on it.

i also had the closing reception my my show at houseguest that i was in. it was sorta bittersweet, but knowing that all of the people that visited were there to see mine and my friends’ work is really awesome and inspiring! we had a pretty good turn out, so that was exciting. i got some really nice compliments on my work and got to talk about art with everyone, and thoughts for moving forward. it left me feelin pretty pumped!

the first three images are just pictures that i’ve been vibin with lately. and the fourth is my first go at making a cup in my new lumpy style.

week nine

this week i finished up a self-directed study project i’ve been working on. i made a big lumpy thing. i’m really excited about the direction that i’m starting to take things, but i do still have mixed feelings about the work itself. we’ll see how i feel about it when it’s completely said and done. i’m not sure what i’m gonna be doing as far as surface design goes.. i am thinking about maybe adding some texture to the surface.. but i also may save that for the next piece.

i think that adding some surface texture to pieces that have a form like this could really add to the visual aesthetic of the piece. maybe even adding color? spraying on underglazes or paints to create a more dimensional surface?

here’s some work that i’m feelin inspired by as far as surface decoration and textures go at the moment!

i think i am going to move away from making vessels. i honestly don’t think it does anything for my work, and if the idea of a vessel being able to contain items isn’t part of the conceptual side of the work, then why should it even be a part of the work?

i think that varying surface textures even on the same piece could also be interesting. maybe making one bulb bit of it have those directional scored lines on it. but maybe no where else on the piece. i think i really like that idea! i’d like to explore that more over the summer, and see what i can come up with.

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