week five

this week i finally finished up the big boy that i’ve been working on since november! so woohoo! i haven’t figured out any sort of title for it yet, though so that’s a bummer. i’ve liked being able to bounce back and forth between that piece and neither here, nor there, and i think i really need to be able to go back and forth, mostly to keep myself from getting burnt out on one piece. also i know that i should probably try to have another piece for my thesis show, especially in case something breaks or if it doesn’t come out the way i want it. so i’m trying to come up with a design for another project.. but i’m really just not sure yet.

i think for the next one i would like it to be another pedestal piece, especially since i now have two hanging, one floor/very short platform, and one pedestal. so i think it would be good if i had it on a different kind of pedestal.

i’ve also bee getting quite a bit of work done on my first hanging piece, i am currently finishing up constructing it, i just have a few more decoration stuff to add on to the first half of it. the top half of the first piece won’t have a whole whole lot of decoration on it, but a bit, and a resin situation that will flow over that and into a pool formed into the lower half of it.

here is a picture of my finished big piece!

week four

this week i have been adding on the sculptural surface elements to my piece, and it is going so well! i also came up with a title, neither here, nor there. yay! i still have no clue what i want to title my large floor piece,, so we shall see. i’m pretty pumped to see this piece coming along nicely so it is really inspiring me to get moving on the next three parts to it! the other half to this current piece shouldn’t be too hard to make, given I am more familiar with the surface decoration content. the next piece will definitely be more challenging to myself and my artistic ability and development. that one is more icy mountain-themed, so the textures and colors and forms are all gonna be sorta foreign to what i would typically do. i am kinda excited about it, i guess,, but idk yet. my plans for that one could change.. it just has to be displaying a different kind of landscape than the first piece, and preferably different from almost something, maybe nothing, and the floor piece.

i’ve also been thinking about the coloration for the floor piece a lot, i really need to finish up my maquette for that so i can test some colors. for neither here, nor there i am considering using acrylic paint for the majority of the piece, mainly because it is much easier to get the blending and accurate colors the way i want them. but i don’t know yet. i like the texture that i can get with underglazes.. but it’s so hard to know what colors to expect from them.

here’s a picture of my piece now that I have started adding on the broccoli texture. and an image of me with the full half of the first form before i started adding stuff to it.

week three

this week i finished up the structure of the first half of the first piece in this series. it went well! structurally i think it is pretty sound so that is exciting. i made out my plan for the decoration on it, it is mostly gonna have mossy hill-y structures on it, and use resin again. i’m really excited to keep working with resin! i’m gonna make some slightly larger maquettes for these and have them actually split into two pieces. my original maquettes were made back when i had planned on making each ring//hoop be a solid piece, instead of two u-shaped pieces. so that is my next plan of action.

this week i also made some press molds of broccoli and cauliflower, they turned out pretty good! looking at the plaster molds themselves, i was originally really excited about the cauliflower one, but when i actually used it, it was super duper recognizable, which isn’t really great for my application. the broccoli turned out pretty good, though! it is a really nice little bumpy texture. this will be a lot quicker to add big portions of texture, instead of just doing small sections and adding chunky slip to the piece and then shaping it with my scoring tool to make it look mossy/grassy.

here’s a picture of the progress that i’ve made on the floor piece. it is over 35″ tall, i’m not sure exactly how tall. but it is around that. also i have added some texture to the piece since this picture. and a picture of me with it for scale.

week two

this week has been pretty good for me, art-wise! i made a lot of progress on planning for my project, especially how to hang it. during class we decided that my best option may be to use eye bolts slipped into a sort of gourd-shaped hole, where the nut and washer would slip into a large hole, then the bolt along with the nut and washers will slide sideways over into a smaller hole. i will then possibly seal over the larger part of the hole to prevent the bolt from slipping back over. the eye loop will then have a hanging cable/wire looped and then cinched onto it, then go up into the rafters and be hooked again.

i like this idea, and it is much more finished, clean and intentional than any of my previous ideas, but i am quite nervous about the strength of the clay. i think that the bolts will be strong enough, but i’m not sure that the clay will be strong enough.

so here are a couple illustration of how the mechanism situation will be. on the inside, there will be a rubber washer, one or two metal washers, and at least two nuts. my dad thinks i should also include a washer (and nut?) on the outside.

and here is a very poorly drawn visual representation of how the bottom ‘u’ and the top ‘n’ of each of my sculptures will be connected. i’m also nervous about this part because i don’t know how strong the clay is.. you know.

week one (thesis semester…)

first i’d like to say that i am super excited for this semester, but definitely pretty nervous. mostly regarding my thesis show, but i guess it will go okay as long as i try my best and do my best on my work, and whatever comes about as the result of that, will be the best. the process means more, anyway. i gotta do better at manifesting the positive energy though. i’ll work on that.

i will be completing the piece that i started last semester very soon, hopefully within the next 2 weeks. it has gotten quite a lot larger than i was originally planning, so it’s been taking a lot longer than expected. i’m still not sure if i want to split it into two pieces.. i honestly do not particularly want to, but lalana was pressuring me to so i will have to think on that. i don’t think that particularly works with the layout and design of my piece.. so yeah. i will also be working on two new projects, one of which i have already started on. they’re basically going to each be a large ring, kinda wiggly, like a squiggly picture frame without any glass, or reminiscent of a portal, of sorts. they will once again incorporate resin as a watery-lookin bit, though one (or both) will be of a more desert theme. the other one may be a snowy situation. who knows.

all of the works i have mentioned so far are coil-built, with hollowed-attachments placed on them. 

i am making this work to be included in, and support the ideas in my thesis. this work will be the sole physical representation of all of my ideas, and the main, if not the only thing, that the general public, and most people who see my work will ever interact with. since most people will not read my thesis, and only a few will bother to take the time to read my artist statement, this will be all i have to show for it all.  

in addition to creating my work, i need to work on planning out the display for my work. i like the idea of switching it up and having the pedestal piece on something other than a traditional white, square pedestal. i’ve thought about building something different, maybe a round pedestal, or maybe building something super different, like a wooden stand? for the larger piece, i’d like it to be on something lower, like a platform maybe, so i thought that maybe i could make some sort of small stand, and then pile something up around it to hide it, like sand or seashells or rocks maybe. i dunno yet. 

through making this work, my goals are to explore the themes such as life, death, growth, renewal, regeneration, decay, creation and deformation. the process of creating things not as a means to an end, but as a method of looking within.

to my work, the process genuinely means so much more than the result, and it is hard sometimes to even know exactly what the result will be, because it is honestly organized chaos, and i have to go with the flow, and do whatever feels right at the time, which can shift and change at times. so constricting myself to deadlines is hard but i am trying so much.

week fourteen

this week has been kinda weird for me. i’m still disappointed in myself for letting myself get behind on my project.. i know that it’s because i was sick for a while and then that really messed with my mental health so when i was finally able to be back in the studio, i just wasn’t productive. i know it’s hard to admit that but that’s just the reality of my life right now.

i have gotten a lot done on my sculpture though, so i’m really proud of myself for that. i’m almost done with it! i think it has been going really well, i’m into the form and the movement that it is conveying is turning out really nicely. i also think that structurally, it is much more sound than even the last sculpture i made, which is a bit surprising, especially because it is well over twice the size of that one. this is the biggest thing i’ve made so far, and i’m definitely proud of how well i planned out the form prior to starting, so i could ensure the structural stability, i think it has worked out in my favor, so i definitely recommend making maquettes of work, to plan out the forms in a 3d way before actually starting, it helps so much!!

And as for my other project, i finally got resin put on it, and i could not be more excited!! i know last week i talked about the depth of the resin on my maquette, and how i wasn’t happy with that, but i totally solved to problem! it was definitely just layering the colors to add depth. it looks so good. i have the pool of resin built up, now i’m just trying to decide if i want to move forward with adding more resin to make it look like a flowing waterfally-river looking situation.. so i need to decide that today and get it going if i’m gonna do it.

it’s super hard to capture a good picture of the resin,, here’s a couple stills from a video i took of it

week thirteen

this week i am very disappointed in myself. i’ve been stressed out a lot lately since i was sick and i just don’t know what to do. my sculpture is going well but i’m kinda stuck on what to do with firing the piece. i was planning on firing it in big bailey but now i’m having a bit of a dilemma about that. i guess i need to make it in two pieces to make it easier to fire, and to make transporting it and storing it easier. but i just don’t know how to have it in two pieces and still make it look good.

the form overall is going really well, and all i really don’t have much left on it, just some more coiling to finish up the upper wave part. then i have to carve it up a bit to add texture and stuff.

i’m also planning out how i want to add the resin to my other piece. i put resin on my maquette, and i really love how it turned out. my only concern is the depth of the water.. i’m not really sure how to change my application method to show depth in the cavity.. i have a few updates but idk yet. we’ll see i guess. I think one think i should have done differently, was start out with colored resin, so that as i built of layers, the depth and tone of the color would also build up.

you know, i was thinking about how i feel like i’m so behind from what i wanted to do this semester.. but in reality.. looking back on my original blog post where i went over my semester plan, i planned on having one completely finished piece, and one other piece at least finished building by the end of the semester, maybe not fired and glazed (i did say hopefully fired, but i was even unsure then haha), so honestly i’m basically right on time with what i hoped to have completed. so that has eased my mind a bit.

overall during working on my pieces for my thesis show, i’m really happy with how everything is going, and i couldn’t be more excited about the work that i’m making right now.

week twelve

i really don’t have much going on with my project right now.. i’ve been very ill for the past couple of days, and have barely been able to get out of bed. so not really anything new. i guess i’ll talk about my hopes for the project.

i guess i forgot to include an image of my maquette a couple weeks ago, so here it is.

of course it’s just a rough sketch, so it might not even end up quite like this, who knows. but i have already started it and gotten a good little bit done on it, and it is going well so far. i do have a bit more done on it since last week, though.

i’ve started considering color choices, but i’m still not entirely sure yet.. i’m thinking of doing some coral-y colors along the bottom, like oranges and salmon-kinda coral color. then super rich blues and a bit of green mixed in all along the top wave-looking part. i just need to figure out a way to make those colors sorta blend together, i don’t want any hard lines, because i’d like the piece to look like it is all one, rather than a wave on a base. so i was thinking of maybe even putting the coral colors up further than i really need, and then apply the glaze (maybe resin?) in a way to make it drip back down and cover up the separation of the coral colors.

i’m also thinking about the finish for the coral part, i would like the top wave section to be glossy smooth, to make it seem wet and juicy, so i’d like the bottom bit to contrast that some, but i’m not sure how, yet. my only concern with that is that it would make it too much of a difference between the two sections…..

week ten

i had my BFA crit this week! it went so well!! definitely the best yet. my questions were regarding the form of my sculptures, because i’m trying to convey a bit more movement than what is coming across in my work. i also asked about color within the piece. i think their advice was pretty good, however, i’m not entirely sure how to implement their suggestions within my work.

one critique was that i should find a way to blend the base portion with the rest of the sculpture, because it looks too much like a nature scene that had been plucked and placed onto some random base. i’m not totally sure how to combat that issue, because i kinda view the base as a separate part of the piece from the content..

i really liked what they had to say about the first piece though. but they did agree with my observation about the piece being kinda static. i do like how the piece turned out, but it isn’t quite as free-flowing as i had intended.

i am still considering changing something about the red bit… i’m really just not into how that turned out at all. i thought about using some wood stain possibly.. i don’t know yet. i don’t necessarily want to entirely cover up the red, i just wish it were less red than it was.

here are the pictures of my piece. i do still have to add the wax and resin.

here’s an in-progress pic of my current piece. though now i am unsure of the future of it.

week nine

this week i fired my first ever solo gas kiln!! it went really well! my piece came out pretty good. i just need some time to sit with it, as i’m just not entirely sure how i feel about it. i decided to use a mix of a few different oxide washes on it, and underglazes. i was expecting the underglazes to not come out very bright, so i was kinda surprised when they came out fairly vibrant. because of this, i was originally planning on firing the piece down to a cone 6, after the cone 10.. but now i’m not sure. i am still planning on using resin on the piece. but maybe i’ll mix in some other materials as well. maybe some paint or wood stains? idk yet. there’s really just one part that i’m definitely not happy with. the part where i put red on the archway-looking rock formation. i had mixed red and brown and i wasn’t expecting it to come out as red as it did, but of course, that’s what i get for winging it. so i was thinking about maybe using a wood stain on it but washed down. and only placed on certain spots, you know? i am also still planning on using a wax on the piece, possibly just on the lower portion of it. I really love the texture it gives it when you add a really thin layer of wax to a piece.

oh also i got a kinda severe crack in the piece. so i’m sad about that

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