week eleven

i fired my big sculpture and he came out great! no cracks in sight! well there is a tiny superficial crack in one spot but that was there pre-firing, so we won’t count that.

here it is in the kiln!

i finished sculpting all of my thesis work!! yay!!! i finished it all up this past sunday night. i am still working on some underglazing stuff on them, but the first milestone has been surpassed so it has definitely boosted my confidence in my abilities.

when i put the two halves of the newest ring together, they did not quite fit, unfortunately.. so i had to cut it and do a little re-con on it.. it feels pretty strong though, so i am hopeful. i wish this wouldn’t have happened on this piece, because this is the piece that i am gonna have to speed dry.. because i only have 10 days-ish until i’d like to get it into bisque.

i settled on the coloration for the newest ring. i’m going for a redish-orange-brown color, so i need to buy some more underglazes to get the variation of color that i’m looking for.

i also worked on my coloration tests for the big wave boy.. but i’m not so sure about it, i kinda like it.. but we’ll see what people say during my critique coming up. it is a mottled purple-pink-green-blue.. and it is super intense.. so i don’t know. here is a picture of it, i’m glad i decided to fire a small tester for both the base and the top portion of my sculptures, so i could test the colors.

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