week ten

i’m not sure if you can tell from my last several blog  entries but… i’ve really been struggling with ceramics lately. i really see myself as so much more of a multi-disciplinary artist and i’m just kind of kicking myself for letting myself get so invested in one medium. i know hands down that ceramics is my favorite,, but i think that i’ve just really been struggling to even enjoy it lately. that makes me so sad because i love clay so much and i hate that i’m having so much difficulty with it right now.

i’ve been doing  my observations in an elementary art class room these past couple months and i’ve been having so much fun and i think being able to step away from the ceramics studio and get to work with kids doing fun little projects everyday is something that i’ve needed for a long time and i just didn’t realize it. right now my kids are working on clay projects it’s just been so rewarding. watching them just light up with joy when we tell them that we’re gonna be working with clay is so cute and exciting. it really helps me get excited about it too.


this week i finished *building* my last stuff for my thesis work, i still have to do the additions and such on them, but i should get done with that this week as well. i’m a little bit nervous about one of them.. after the problems i had with it last week.. i’m afraid something will happen to it again.. šŸ˜¦ i’ll just have to be careful i suppose. it feels pretty strong, but i’m just not sure about it

i think i need to get better about not rushing things and allowing myself plenty of time to complete projects. for some reason i’ve been trying extra hard this semester to hold onto some semblance of a life. haha i know i should devote myself to clay more, but id just go crazy if i didn’t take frequent breaks

i also decided to totally switch up the decoration plan for my other sculpture, as soon as i started adding in some of the icy mountainy stuff, i decided that i really just wasn’t into that look.. so i decided to go with a rough red desert rock formation type of thing.

so yeah here are my color thoughts for the second ring

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