week nine

this week i had a bit of a rough time with one of my sculptures. i was movin and groovin right along and finished up the base construction for half of one of the rings, and it decided to break on me. i was able to salvage about two-thirds of that ring half, so i had to start over on the rest of it. it wasn’t that much of a big deal, but it still sucked a lot. coil building large sculptures is so tricky, and it is hard to get the timing just right. you’d think that after ohh maybe 8 years of coil building, that i would understand clay, but shit it really knows how to put me in my place.

i know it was my own fault, spring break was this week, and i was just trying to rush right through everything.. i put the piece upside-down in my lap to work on carving out some holes.. gravity saw an opportunity to take action and boy did it. just popped right in half. normally thats not too much of a problem, but idk with this one it just didn’t want to go back together. so i cut off a good chunk of it off and started rebuilding it. luckily, once you’ve built something once, the second time around goes a lot smoother and easier, because you can visualize better what you’re going for, and just do it without the worry.

also i made a mug for funzies. so here is that

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