week eight

this week i finalized my hanging method and bought the materials for that. here’s what that looks like. i placed the holes in the top of the piece and worked out some kinks there. the main problem i had was with the placement of the holes, but i decided to place them kind of on an angle, so that when they are actually hung, the weight of the piece should kind of lock them into place? not sure if that makes sense but i’m just hoping gravity will be my friend in this situation and help me out.

now i’m trying to decide what height i would like to hang them at… i’m wanting them to be around eye level kind of, so that when the viewer is looking at it they are looking through the center of the ring. so that would mean the top of the ring would be above the viewer’s head and the bottom of the ring would be about stomach-high? my only problem is that obviously people are of varying heights so i need to try and figure out what height i would like to place it at… i don’t necessarily want it to be so high that when short people are looking at it, they are staring directly into the bottom half of the ring, like looking at the piece itself rather than through the hole… but i also don’t want it to be so low that a tall person is staring over it… sooo yeah that’s what i’m trying to work through right now.

soo yeah here is a picture of the hanging mechanism and what the holes look like.

here’s what my work + my studio is looking like rn hahah

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