week seven

i believe i have given up on hopes of having time to make another sculpture for my thesis show.. i don’t know yet. i did come up with an idea for a sculpture but i don’t know if i’ll have time. i think that once i have my sculptures done and drying, i’ll have time to make another quick sculpture, but i don’t know if i’d be able to have time to finish it. so we’ll see.

this week i finished up building the second half of the first ring so i’m proud of myself for that! i also figured out the hanging mechanism situation for the show and picked out my location in the gallery!!! so i measured all of that up so i could figure out the length of the cable that i need!

i’m still a little bit worried about the whole hanging situation… mainly about connecting the lower half of the rings to the top half. i’m afraid that too much stress, i guess, will be placed on individual parts of the  loops..  i think it will be okay, but i’m trying to decide how i should actually hang all of it. i was thinking about hanging the top portion first and then kind of sitting down on a ladder right under it and having someone hand me the lower portion so i can kind of balance it on my legs while i hook those together? I feel like if I connect the two pieces to form the ring and then hoist it up into the air oh, it would be a little bit riskier and just put  the connecting parts under too much trauma

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