week six

this week i don’t have as much to say. i’ve been trying to come up with plans for another sculpture, but i’m definitely struggling.. i think if i did make another, i would want it to be another pedestal piece. since i have one pedestal, two large hanging, and one huge floor//short platform piece, i think that another pedestal one, maybe even a shorter pedestal or a piece that goes onto a small pedestal against a wall, would really round things out.

we’re prepping for an empty bowls fundraiser right now, so i’ve been trying to bounce back and forth a bit when i need a break from my thesis stuffs.

of course i’m starting to get burnt out on my thesis work.. i really need to come up with a design for another piece but i just don’t know…

i’m finished up with the first half of one of the ring pieces.. and i really need to start pushing myself harder with that work.. but i struggle.

i’ve also been writing my thesis.. and boy is that hard and time-consuming. when i first started it, it was like a breeze, but it has gotten so much harder lately.. some of the areas, especially when talking about my own vision for my work, it’s like i can see it in my head, and i just magically understand how it works, how i get from point-a to point-b, but verbalizing that thought process is so much more difficult than i had imagined.

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