week four

okay i guess i’m kinda happy with my sculpture, but honestly she’s still kinda iffy.

i’d still like to burnish it some more, especially on the round leg, and the back. but other than that i think i’m finished with it. i used to not ever burnish my sculptures but i actually really like it ! i kinda like the sleek smooth finish, especially if your’e not gonna glaze it, because it feels super smooth, so if it’s a sculpture then it definitely doesn’t need anything else. i do enjoy how the faceted edges vs the smooth curves turned out, and i think they contrast fairly well together!

we are also getting ready to start a new project in ceramics, so i’m kinda excited about that but also a lil nervous.. just because i don’t really know what to expect.. it’s called a cognitive surplus project, so as a group, we all have to post what has been influencing us lately, like music, books, podcasts etc. and then use everyone’s contributions to influence our individual projects. only one other person has posted on the discussion board as of right now so i haven’t seen much of the other peoples’ materials.. so idk what to expect from that but i am kinda excited!

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